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What is a Hashtag?

What a hashtag really allows is the grouping of content based on subject. The hashtag is clickable and will take you to all other instances of the same hashtag being used. It is a way of getting past the problems

Twitter Chat Acronyms

If you have spent some time on Twitter, you know that it seems to have its very own language. Some of it is the general net lingo we have all come to know all over the web: LOL, BRB, and

Taking part (2)

How To Start Your Own Twitter Chat

Chatrooms are so ten years ago. Everything has become much more reliant on social media, and for good reason. It is a more direct form of engagement, easier to use and less anonymous than the chats of old used to

Twitter Chat Etiquette and Essential Guidelines

So, you have found a Twitter chat you want to take part in and the date is drawing near. It is still a fairly new method of communicating, and many people are unaware of the ‘rules’ involved in such a

4 comments on “Twitter Chat FAQ
  1. Sherri Sue Fisher says:

    I cannot get the date March 8, 2014 to save in my Room. Any suggestions?

  2. Sherri Sue Fisher says:

    Why is my Twitter Chat not showing up in the calendar for March 8 at 11:15AM Phoenix Time?

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TwChat works