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What Makes TwChat The Best Twitter Chat Manager

Twitter is a unique and incredible platform that has opened a whole new world up for online communication. But it lacks many features of its social counterparts, and so users have had to get creative. Twitter Chats are one of the results of this innovation.

What Is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat(or Tweetchat) is a collection of posts that are sorted together using a specific hashtag, conducted in real time. You can take part in a conversation with as many people that wish to participate, using the open nature of the social network’s live updating feed to do it.

Many organizations, media sources, websites and groups will hold regular Twitter Chats to engage with their audience and share information. They have become a popular resource for Twitter marketers, as well.

What Is TwChat?

TwChat is a platform that was designed to fix a very specific problem. Which Twitter is a great network, and chats are held their frequently, it isn’t the most convenient method of communication.

With its live updates and constantly shifting feed, keeping track of chats can be difficult. Hashtags will bring up new responses in search, and sometimes also include similar hashtags or keywords that aren’t a part of the chat. This makes engaging in a chat harder, and sometimes confusing.

TwChat monitors the hashtag and creates a simple, clean interface similar to a chatroom. You can see new messages, send your own, and have total control over the content you see.

What Makes TwChat The Best Twitter Client?

There are plenty of Twitter Chat platforms out there that create a chatroom. But they are always missing something: control. You can’t properly filter, manage, or customize your “room” to fit your needs.

TwChat is different. You can filter responses to leave out retweets, see messages that include questions (great for Q & A sessions), and see tweets you were specifically mentioned in related to the chat.

You can also control your Twitter profile through the dashboard. Follow users, retweet, reply, and tweet, whether it is related to your Twitter Chat, or not. This is very convenient, as you don’t have to leave the chat to make connections or check out other content.

For those either conducting or participating in the chat, one other feature may be of interest: the auto-hashtag. Often when chatting on Twitter you can forget to put in the official hashtag. That means part of your messages won’t be seen unless you tweet them a second time.

TwChat automatically inserts the hashtag for the chat with every message you send, unless you manually remove it. So no more missed tweets!

Best of all, TwChat is free to use!

What Is The Mentors Column?

The first time you use TwChat you may notice a section labeled “Mentors”. This is the area that will show you tweets made by the runner of the chat, any guest speakers or featured experts, and anyone who is moderating.

It is an additional, handy feature that makes it easier to keep up with official announcements, find out the Twitter Chat topic, or discover who is taking part in the chat that day.

TwChat For Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are growing in popularity by the day. But if you want more people to participate, you need to make it easier for them to follow. TwChat is the best free platform on the web for monitoring and using your official hashtag. It makes Tweet-chatting a breeze.

Find Twitter Chats being held right now by checking out the chat feeds. Or start your very own room, and begun taking advantage of the many features TwChat has to offer.