How to Build Traffic from Twitter / X

Twitter/X is an awesome networking tool. I find it the easiest for follow-ups, quick touch-base messages, and relationship-building. But how easy is it to build traffic with Twitter?

It appears it’s not that easy! I don’t get too many clicks even on Tweets that got tons of engagement.

So how to build traffic from Twitter?  Read more ›

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Hashtag Marketing 102: 16 Best Hashtag Marketing Tools


Hashtag marketing is a primary method of getting the word out and reaching new channels.

Events, Twitter profiles, trending topics, marketing campaigns, and more can be covered by a single hashtag, which can now be used on sites all across the web.

Twitter is one of the most efficient ways to market a hashtag.

But how do you do that?

All you really need is a good tool or several, that you can turn to. The good news is that there are a ton out there. Here are quite a few that are must-try hashtag marketing applications. Read more ›

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How to Set Up Twitter Interview with Influencers (+Free Guidelines Template!)

Twitter InterviewA Twitter chat can have several forms. One of the easiest and most efficient ones is a Twitter interview:

  • A Twitter hashtag-driven interview develops your relations with the niche influencer(s) you invite as a featured guest
  • It puts your brand in the center of the conversation, thus establishing your voice and building the awareness
  • It increases your reach because the influencer(s) will be interacting with you and thus spread the message to their followers

How to Set up a Twitter Interview?

There may be different ways of approaching this. Here are some possible steps. Read more ›

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