How to Set Up Twitter Interview with Influencers (+Free Guidelines Template!)

Twitter InterviewA Twitter chat can have several forms. One of the easiest and most efficient ones is a Twitter interview:

  • A Twitter hashtag-driven interview develops your relations with the niche influencer(s) you invite as a featured guest
  • It puts your brand in the center of the conversation, thus establishing your voice and building the awareness
  • It increases your reach because the influencer(s) will be interacting with you and thus spread the message to their followers

How to Set up a Twitter Interview?

There may be different ways of approaching this. Here are some possible steps. Read more ›

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Happy Users Share Their Experience with Twitter Chats

We asked active Twitter chat participants to share why they like Twitter chats as well as give some advice to those who are looking to try to participate in Twitter chats as well! Here’s what we’ve got: Read more ›

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How to Use TwChat to Participate in Twitter Chats?

TwChat is the free app that makes participating in Twitter chats easier.

  • You can have all the controls right within Twitter chat (follow participants, retweet, favorite and reply to tweets)
  • TwChat adds the official chat hashtag automatically, so you will never forget to do that
  • TwChat signals you of mentions and questions
  • You can filter the stream to exclude retweets, to see tweets mentioning you to to see tweets containing questions to jump in and reply

The “Mentor’s” columns is indented for people who “host” the chat as well as for featured guests and experts the host may invite to speak to the community.

Here’s a handy graph to make it easier:


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