Twitter Chat Acronyms

If you have spent some time on Twitter, you know that it seems to have its very own language. Some of it is the general net lingo we have all come to know all over the web: LOL, BRB, and the like. But there are also a number of acronyms that are very specific to that social network. Ones that you might find yourself confused by when you come across them.

For those planning on taking part in a Twitter chat – and there are many to choose from – it is especially daunting. What if someone uses a term you are unfamiliar with? Will it keep you from enjoying the conversation? If you are doing a chat that has a number of younger people who have grown up with the internet, it could be more of a problem than you might think.

No matter what kind of chat you are taking part in, or with who, here are some helpful acronyms to keep on hand.

  • FTFY – Fixed This For You
  • SMH – Shake My Head
  • YA – Young Adult
  • M – Male
  • F – Female
  • RT – Retweet
  • TTFN – Ta Ta For Now
  • AFK – Away From Keyboard
  • AFAIK – As Far As I Know
  • BTW – By The Way
  • GTG – Got To Go
  • BBL – Be Back Later
  • ATM – At The Moment
  • IDK – I Don’t Know
  • PM – Private Message
  • J/K – Just Kidding
  • OT – Off Topic
  • W/E – Whatever
  • TY – Thank You
  • YW – You’re Welcome

All of these are good to know and use on Twitter, thanks to the limited character count. So make sure you have them on hand, and have fun!

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